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Why You Should Never Do a DIY Air Conditioner Installation

Air conditioner DIY installation is a tough job. It’s easy to mess up and make costly mistakes. You can end up paying more for repairs and worse, you can put yourself and your home at dangerous risks.

Why You Should Never Do a DIY Air Conditioner Installation

Here, we’re going to take a look at the important reasons why you should never do a DIY air conditioner installation. Just don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Let’s read on below.


1. It’s illegal to install your air conditioner (AC) without a license

If you’re not a licensed AC technician and you’re thinking about installing your air conditioner, you might want to reconsider this idea. It is illegal to install your air conditioner without a license in Australia.

Pushing through this could cost you up to $40,000 or worst, you can get imprisoned. So if you want to avoid getting jailed, make sure to get a licensed electrician to install your air conditioner.


2. You don’t have the knowledge and expertise

You should not DIY your air conditioner installation because, most likely than not, you don’t know what you are doing.

Installing your air conditioner sounds like a good idea, but if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t have the proper knowledge and expertise, it can end up costing more time and money than it’s worth.

If you try to DIY your new AC installation and things go wrong, then you might find yourself having to call a professional to fix your unit. So, if you want your new AC system installed quickly and properly, hire a licensed installer instead of trying to do it yourself.


3. You could electrocute yourself

Another reason why we strongly disagree with DIY air-conditioner installation is you could be electrocuted. It’s important to remember that an AC unit is a machine with moving and electrical parts. It requires the right tools and expertise to install properly. One mistake and you can end up harming yourself.


4. The warranty of the AC unit will be voided

DIY air conditioner installation does not only put you at risk of electrocution, but it can also void the warranty of your unit, which could be a costly mistake in the long run. Installing an air conditioner is more than just fitting it in your wall and plugging it in.

The cooling capacity of your AC depends on how well it’s installed, and even something as simple as a blocked filter can affect its performance. When the time comes and your unit needs repair and you’re looking for a way to lessen its cost, you’ll not be able to use your air conditioner’s warranty as it was already void.

Therefore, DIYing your air conditioner installation is not a bright idea at all. So before tackling your AC installation, remember to hire an HVAC professional to avoid breaking the law and wasting money on repairs caused by faulty installations.


5. DIY air conditioner installation is not as efficient and cost-effective as it can be done by professionals

DIY air conditioner installation will not be as efficient and cost-effective as it can be done by professionals. People who install their air conditioners often face problems because they don’t have any previous experience or training. Things can easily go wrong, especially if you’re doing it the first time.

This is why hiring a professional to handle your AC installation is way better than a DIY idea. You can even save up to 50% of all the costs and trouble that can happen should your installation fail.



For all these reasons, DIY air conditioner installation is not a wise idea. It’s dangerous and you can spend more on expensive repairs because of your mistakes. All it takes is one mistake to cause electrocution or some other life-threatening injury, so don’t do it yourself.

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