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Why You Should Choose DAIKIN Heat Recovery Systems for Your Commercial Property in QLD (Part 2)

In our previous blog, we discussed Daikin’s Variable Refrigerant Volume or VRV system. Today, we will move the discussion towards Daikin’s VRV IV + Heat Recovery System. We will also share how this technology can help many companies in Queensland.

Why You Should Choose DAIKIN Heat Recovery Systems for Your Commercial Property in QLD (Part 2)

What is Daikin VRV IV?

Daikin VRV IV is the most advanced version of the Variable Refrigerant System. Some of the exclusive features in this version include:


Variable Refrigerant Temperature

Energy efficiency is the trademark of Daikin VRV System. However, energy consumption has never been as efficient with VRV IV as compared to other versions. VRV IV has an additional feature called variable refrigerant temperature.

This advanced feature allows the VRV system to adjust its performance based on the climate condition and building requirements of the area where it is installed. This will have a huge impact on energy efficiency as the system automatically adjusts to the seasonal changes.

In the past, the VRV system needed to be adjusted as seasons change to minimize energy consumption when it is less needed. The adjustment service will be added to the company’s expenses. Now that VRV IV can adapt its performance to the environmental condition, there will be lesser fees and more energy efficiency.


Optimized installation

If you are familiar with air conditioner control modules, you will understand that more AC control modules require more piping and electrical works. VRV IV, however, allows up to three control modules in one piping system. That means lesser piping and electrical connection requirements.

It is also good to note that a single AC control module of VRV IV now has a 14 tons capacity. You can further maximize up to 34 tons capacity in three modules using only a single piping network. This is the most optimized VRV installation we have offered so far.


VRV IV is easier to install

With the easier installation procedure for the latest VRV system comes faster installation service. This entails that you will pay less for installing VRV IV than other VRV systems.


What is the Daikin Heat Recovery System?

The heat recovery system is another product of air conditioning technology brought by Daikin. It is an energy-efficient and environmental-friendly solution to air conditioning.
Going back to our previous blog, we mentioned the VRV system as both a heating and cooling system. However, we have yet to explain how VRV can act as a heater. That is because the heating mechanism of the VRV system lies in the heat recovery feature.

Heat recovery is a process wherein the indoor component of a VRV system, particularly VRV IV, collects the warm air in a given space. This warm air is then deposited to certain rooms which require warm air. Thus, it doesn’t make use of heating coils to produce warm air. It doesn’t produce heat energy for heating at all. It merely redistributes the warm air from one place to another.

The heat recovery system is therefore an energy-efficient way of heating an area. Using VRV IV + Heat Recovery System is, therefore, not only lowers energy consumption but also lessens the carbon footprint.



We are happy to be one of the few trusted DAIKIN contractors licensed and authorised to install the Daikin’s VRV and Heat Recovery System. Look at one of our projects using this.


Noosaville Project

We are pleased to be offering the bounce backpackers at Noosaville our services, full car park and exhaust ventilation system with Daikin heat recovery systems and split systems.

These advancements in air conditioning technology provide a very promising convenience for businesses in Queensland. Not only will they help with the corporate expenses but also pave the way to a greener economy.

So what are you waiting for? Get a quote, today. Send us a message.