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Why it is important to keep schools HVAC working efficiently (Part 1)

When we talk about the external factors that can affect the learning conditions of school children in school, we often have the following pictures in mind:

  • overcrowded classrooms
  • noisy environment
  • lack of natural elements inside the classroom
  • inadequate learning materials

We often fail to realize one more external factor which has a considerable effect on the student’s performance, the temperature. Since temperature is fairly invisible, it can easily go unnoticed. However, studies show that the temperature of the classroom can affect the learning condition in more ways than one.

Why it is important to keep schools HVAC working efficiently (Part 1)

How does temperature affect the students’ performance?

When the heat is unbearable, we tend to work slower and become unproductive. It is also difficult to focus on the lesson when the temperature is uncomfortable.


Why is that so?

Our bodies have an instinct to maintain homeostasis or the state of biological stability. When the balance in our system is being threatened, our instinctive response is to act against the threat. The same case happens in an uncomfortable classroom temperature. So, instead of paying attention to the lessons, the students’ minds are being burdened by the situation.


How about the teachers? What is their reaction?

If listening to the lesson amid uncomfortable temperature is already unbearable, how else is teaching? The teachers need to discuss the lessons, watch over the students, and entertain questions while dealing with the temperature. If students find it difficult to be productive in a hot classroom, then teachers are also on the same boat. So it is very important to keep the classroom temperature to a comfortable degree.


Why is an air conditioner important in every classroom in Queensland?

Queensland has a hot and humid climate for most of the year. So it is a must-have for schools to have adequate ventilation, and by adequate ventilation, we mean a sufficient number of properly working AC units. Unfortunately, not all educational institutions are looking into this problem up close. So we are urged to share why it is important to have sufficient air conditioners at school in Queensland.

Here, we listed some of the benefits of having air conditioners at school.


1. Air conditioners can improve learning conditions.

A cool and comfortable classroom can improve the children’s ability to focus and retain information. Teachers can also deliver the lessons well without any strains. This makes your classroom more conducive for learning.


2. Air conditioners are good dehumidifiers too.

In humid areas like Queensland, an air conditioner is a great help in keeping the humidity problems at bay; because the humidity in classrooms doesn’t only affect the students’ comfort, it also damages the room.

Wall paint in classrooms may peel off due to high humidity. Mould and mildew also thrive in rooms with high relative humidity. They can cause the students to develop allergies and other respiratory conditions with prolonged exposure. With the dehumidifying properties of air conditioners, classrooms will be a cool and safe place to study.


3. AC filters can prevent the spread of bacteria

The recent pandemic reminded us just how fast-spreading bacteria can be, especially in poorly ventilated places. So, classrooms with insufficient ventilation can help spread viruses and bacteria. An air condition filter, however, can filter disease-causing agents so the students will only breathe in clean air.


Wahoo Air Conditioning in Action

Here at Wahoo, we ensure schools have sufficient and properly working HVAC units for their students, teachers and staff. Here is a glimpse of our recently completed works:


North Lakes State College:

The white boxes introduce fresh air to the classrooms via fan & a filtered fan. These are installed awaiting the roofers final flashings. There are 57 of these to go in.



We have more to share in our next blog. Keep following our social media pages to know more about the benefits of air conditioners and why proper and regular air conditioner maintenance is important in schools.