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Why Investing in an Energy-efficient AC Is Worth your Money

We all rely on our air conditioning units during summer. Otherwise, just imagine the sweat and scorching heat you need to endure. This year alone, the highest recorded temperature in South East QLD was 34C.

As we prepare for another summer season, isn’t it wise to re-evaluate the energy efficiency of your AC unit?

Why Investing in an Energy-efficient AC Is Worth your Money

What is an energy-efficient appliance?

Energy-efficient appliances are the new models of appliances that use less power in doing the same function.

Let’s take for example an energy-efficient AC unit. It will have an advanced feature that can automatically cut-off the supply of electricity if it detects the room has reached the desired temperature. This results in a lower energy bill.


5 Advantages of An Energy-efficient Aircon

Here are more reasons why investing in an energy-efficient AC is worth your money, time, and effort.


Environment friendly

Due to the issue of global warming, Australia is targeting to reduce carbon emissions by 26 to 28% by 2030.

In relation to this goal, energy-efficient air conditioners were made. These kinds of AC units consume less energy in doing their functions. The lesser energy that they use, the lesser carbon they will transfer to the air.

That’s why this type of AC units are environment friendly. When you choose to invest in them, you can contribute to the reduction of pollution in our air.


Additional savings

Investing in energy-efficient AC can add to your savings. It can automatically cut-off the energy supply once the desired room temperature is reached. As a result, your energy consumption is reduced and more money is put on your savings.


Puts you in control 

Energy-efficient air conditioners are made with programmable thermostats. This means that you can completely control the temperature in your house or workplace. With this type of AC, you can attain the temperature that best suits you and enjoy it more efficiently.

You can also optimise the energy consumption of your home by cooling only the rooms that are in use. Hence, less energy goes to waste. Worth every penny isn’t it?


More relaxing home

Can you still recall this scenario?



This is typical with old and conventional AC units.

Now compare it with energy efficient aircon units.



What’s the point in showing you these videos?

When you invest in energy-efficient AC, you are also investing in absolute comfort. This includes peace and quiet.

Why is this important?

Silence has an overall good impact on your health. Read here to learn more.


Are you ready to invest in an energy-efficient AC?

Wahoo Air Conditioning is a licensed supplier of top brands energy-efficient air conditioning units like Daikin, Fujitsu, and Panasonic. We provide you with the right type of AC for your home or offices in ClontarfBalmoralBribie IslandBulimbaGreen SlopesHawthorneMorningside, Noosa, North BrisbaneNorth LakesRedcliffeSouth Brisbane, and North Lakes.

We offer great deals at an affordable price. We also carry out installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioners in Brisbane and other nearby areas. Let us help you. Call us at 07 3889 4508 today!