Looking for a reliable aircon supply and install for your home, office or business property in Windsor?

Windsor is considered one of the oldest and popular suburbs in Brisbane especially with its


Grand old homes


Majestic Queenslanders


Heritage-listed buildings


Renovated workers cottages

It also has attractive parkland and walkways situated near the picturesque Enoggera Creek. There are even variety of good restaurants and accommodation options for you to consider.

Full Range of Services

What we do and how does it work?

Ducted Air Conditioning System for Windsor

Ducted air conditioners are more efficient than traditional systems because they use “zoning”, which divides space into different areas and provides greater cooling with less work, especially for your property in Windsor.

Smart Air Conditioning System for Windsor

With Smart ACs you can now cool your home and offices in Windsor no matter where in the world! These advanced units work perfectly for any environment and come equipped with an app that will allow them to be controlled remotely.

Split System Air Conditioning System for Windsor

We know summer is just around the corner, which means you’ll probably be looking for ways to keep your home cool. You can’t go wrong with a Split System! With options that range from heating and cooling (reverse cycle) models as well inverter types with hybrid capabilities – we’ve got something perfect in store just for you.

Aircon Supply and Install for Windsor with Repair/Maintenance

We not only supply and install, but also repair and help maintain air conditioning units and systems in Windsor. This includes the following:


After sales support


Air conditioning upgrade and replace


Energy efficient system


Fresher air flow


New technology


One-off service for all brands, makes and models


Parts supply


Preventative maintenance


System designed to meet your needs


Warranty agents for Daikin

Frequently asked Questions

1. Why do you need an aircon supply and install expert in Windsor?

When you need an air conditioning system, it’s important to find someone who can offer the perfect solution. Wahoo aircon supply and install experts in Windsor will work with your needs at every step of this process. We consider what type of system best suits both short-term comfort as well long term savings for energy efficiency. Let’s talk.

2. What are the benefits of having an aircon installation performed by experts in your home or office building in Windsor?

You know that feeling when you’re hot and looking for ways to cool down? Well, air conditioning might be one of those things on your list! Have experts come measure out exactly what kind so they can tell us how much space our unit needs – including size requirements. It’s important because not all ACs work in every situation like this would depend upon where it’ll go inside or outside plus if there are any windows nearby which could restrict airflow.

3. What to consider before choosing an aircon system for your home or business in Windsor?

When deciding which type of air conditioning system is right for your home or business, there are a lot to consider. This includes the following questions:
How big does the space need cooling? What kind climate do you live in and how often will it be used? Is energy efficiency important for you?
With so many different types and brands of air conditioners available on the market today, it can be tricky to decide which one is right for your needs. Talk to us so we can help you decide.

4. What is a cost efficient way of running my aircon system in Windsor?

So, what type of AC will work best for you?
Do your climate conditions require special attention like central heat and cooling systems or ductless mini-split units that can be more energy efficient than traditional window film solutions. With so many different types to choose from it’s hard knowing where you should start.
We have an extensive line up on hand at our A / C Service center including Daikin purchased directly from them – no middleman here just top notch aircon systems delivered and installed straight away for you.

We are here to help with any of your aircon supply, installation and repair needs in Windsor

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