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This is a leafy and quiet residential suburb which enjoys easy access to the city and other amenities such as local shops and banks. Talk to us to know how we can make your stay more convenient in Sherwood.

Full Range of Services

We help you find the right climate control solution for your Sherwood Home, Building or Office

We help you find the right climate control solution for your Sherwood Home, Building or Office

we’re here to make your home more comfortable, no matter what style you have. Whether it’s a modern or traditional look we can provide the perfect air conditioning system for each room in turn-of-century fashion. Our services range from simple maintenance programs or developing custom solutions tailored specifically towards our customers’ needs.

Commercial Air Conditioning Projects in Sherwood

We provide friendly and knowledgeable service to help you decide on the best system for your needs. We’ll take into account every aspect of air conditioning, including building requirements as well as operational lifestyle factors so we can tailor-made a kit that meets all those criteria!

Project Homes in Sherwood

You deserve to be comfortable in your own home, which is why we provide a variety of services for both homeowners and developers alike. We are the only company that offers individualised cooling for every room in your house. Our state-of-the art air conditioning systems ensure a comfortable living environment, with adjustable settings to meet all needs from one convenient location.


Wahoo Air Conditioning is a renowned company that specialises in air conditioning supply, installation, and service. Our team of skilled technicians provides reliable, high-quality services to make sure you’re cool during the summer heat or warm during the winter cold with our complete supply package deals.

We offer services that range from simple maintenance programs or developing custom solutions tailored specifically towards our customers’ needs–and they’ll be happy too because who doesn’t want cool rooms without compromising on comfort?

Wahoo is your one stop shop for all things air conditioning. We provide friendly, professional service that will help you avoid the hassles of an inefficient system or costly repairs down the track!

We ensure your air conditioning systems supply and installation in Sherwood are well maintained

Keep your AC running smoothly this summer and winter by visiting Wahoo, where our technicians are ready to handle all of the necessary checks on system performance as well as diagnostics. They’ll also clean it up for you with routine repairs so that there’s no need to worry about anything but comfort inside.
Maintaining your air conditioner is an important part of making sure it works well and doesn’t give you any trouble. Regular servicing will help uncover small issues before they turn into big ones, ensuring that all systems remain operating at peak performance.
We also offer comprehensive air conditioning repairs throughout Sherwood and its surrounding areas. We can take care of everything from a small faulty split system all the way up to an inaccessible commercial unit, so don’t hesitate if your AC needs servicing. Our team are experts in their field who provide efficient solutions for even obscure problems with ducted or packaged units – give us a call today.

Let’s talk about your air conditioning needs in Sherwood

We’re here to help you keep your home cool during a heat wave or winter! With our innovative energy saving products backed by reliable service, we’ll make sure all those hard working hours installing an AC system don’t go wasted. We have knowledgeable technicians who can design the perfect cooling solution for any family’s needs–no matter how big it may be.

We are here to help with any of your aircon supply, installation, and repair needs in Sherwood


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