North Lakes is a beautiful suburb that has the perfect balance between modern architecture and natural greenery. Whether you’re looking for an investment or want to live life at full throttle, North lakes offer everything your heart desires. This includes:





This makes Investing in an air conditioning system a must.

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What we do and how does it work?

Ducted Air Conditioning System for North Lakes

Ducted air conditioning is a great way to cool your home without drawing attention to yourself. The system consists of an outdoor unit that’s discreetly placed in the garden and interior cooling device, usually installed high up on either side – so you won’t even know it’s there!

Smart Air Conditioning System for North Lakes

What’s better than a warm, cozy home? A cool one with comfort in every room.

With a smart home control system, you can make your AC more cost-effective and also reduce energy waste by easily adjusting its settings.

Split System Air Conditioning System for North Lakes

Split air conditioning systems are an affordable way to cool your home, but they have limitations. You will need multiple split-system units for the whole house and installation can be costly if you don’t hire professionals who know what they’re doing.

Commercial Air Conditioning Experts in North Lakes


Blessed with being close to Moreton Bay, North Lakes is worth visiting. Given this situation, hotels, accommodation, cafes, and restaurants sprung in the area. Most likely, air conditioners are used to keep a balanced temperature in their places.
In order for you to deliver the best service to your clients, ensure that your AC system is properly maintained. Let a professional air conditioning technician handle this for you.

Residential Air Conditioning Experts in North Lakes


North Lakes’ affordable residential and rental housing makes it a perfect location for anyone who wishes to grow a family. However, as more areas are being developed, natural resources are also slowly depleted. The result is increased humidity, especially during the summer season.
Be prepared for the coming summer season. Know how our services can help you maintain your home’s cool ambiance.

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance for North Lakes

In a split type air conditioning system, the outdoor cabinet can be easily set aside since the indoor cabinet is the one commonly used. With time, dirt can build up in your condenser coils (part of the outdoor unit) and this causes it to work double-time. If this continues, it can result in a system failure, unless it is immediately repaired.

This makes regular cleaning of your outdoor cabinet a must for both domestic and commercial properties. Not only will this ensure that dirt does not pile up, but it also helps lengthen your unit’s lifespan.

Do you need help with your AC scheduled maintenance and repair in North Lakes?

Frequently asked Questions

1. How long does an aircon installation take?

The installation time for a standard air conditioning system can be as little at 4-8 hours or it could take up to 3 days with a new full HVAC installation.

2. Where should be the proper location of air conditioning unit?

The best place for an air conditioning unit is in the shade, whether that’s under a tree or next to some other object like your house. If you want something more practical than just shading it from direct sunlight during hot times of day then consider installing west-facing windows with screens on them so they can help lower temperatures inside without having any negative effect outside where there are no cooling systems available!

3. How much does air conditioning installation cost in North Lakes?

When you’re looking for an air conditioning system, it can be hard to decide which is right. But with so many options available and prices ranging anywhere from $600-$12K+, there’s no simple answer! The type of unit will dictate how much they cost: smaller split systems are on average cheaper than ductless units that often have higher energy efficiency ratings as well (though this depends largely upon where in your home!

We are here to help with any of your aircon supply, installation and repair needs in North Lakes.


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