Keeping your home and offices cool is a challenge in the summer. Luckily, you don’t need an air conditioning system for just one room.

All it takes are some well maintained units and proper installation from our professionals at AC Installation Experts in Hawthorne & Bulimba.

If you’re looking for a place where history and modernity collide, tour the quiet riverside suburbs of Bulimba or Hawthorne.

Here you’ll find classic old cinemas that have been beautifully renovated into art galleries to go along with their interesting bookshops and alfresco eateries – perfect places make your exploration juicy!


Classic old cinemas


Art galleries




Alfresco eateries


Boutique stores


Health food markets


Eclectic cafés


Local Pubs

It is a bustling community come evening time as people head out for dinner or just a drink after work. Keep your customers, food, and guests happy and satisfied with a reliable air conditioning system.

Full Range of Services

What we do and how does it work?

Ducted Air Conditioning System for Bulimba and Hawthorne

Ducted air conditioning systems will keep you cool and comfortable with the conditioned air flowing through your home’s walls, ceilings or floors. They are a great way to control temperature without relying on central ac units that can fail during power outages!

Smart Air Conditioning System for Bulimba and Hawthorne

It’s getting hot out there! And with summer temperatures on the rise, your air conditioning is going to be working overtime. Wouldn’t it be great if you could smarten up your AC system and make it work a little smarter for you? Well, you can – with a smart air conditioning system!

Split System Air Conditioning System for Bulimba and Hawthorne

Split ACs are a great option for those who don’t have enough space to house their central air conditioning system. The indoor unit lives inside, while the outdoor counterpart sits outside. This is perfect if you live in an apartment or condo with limited outdoor room.

Air Conditioning Servicing for Bulimba

You can’t have a comfortable home and office in Bulimba without an effective AC system. Our affordable package will help eliminate the problems that come with common issues in this area like:


Dirty Filter and Condenser Coils


Thermostat Problems


Refrigerant Leaks


Clogged Drainage


Broken breakers or fuses


Inefficient capacitors


Compressor not working properly


Corroded evaporator coils


Worn Contactor

Have you been experiencing problems with your aircon supply and installation in Bulimba and Hawthorne? Don’t worry, we offer an affordable package that will help eliminate the hassle.

The Aircon Installation Process for Your Bulimba and Hawthorne Homes

1. What is involved when installing aircon systems in Bulimba?


  • Determining the size of the unit
  • Selecting the Seasonal Energy
  • Efficiency Ratio (SEER)
  • Choosing the type of aircon system to use
  • Designing the duct system


  • Removing the existing AC unit (if there are any)
  • Selecting and preparing the site for installation
  • Installing the new air conditioning system
  • Starting up and testing the new AC unit
  • Cleaning up and walking through the client on how the system works

We are here to help with any of your aircon supply, installation and repair needs in Hawthorne and Bulimba.

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