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How To Save Money On Your Aircon Costs

Are you looking for ways to lower your energy bills? We all do and we’re here to help you successfully do it even during the winter season with these helpful tips.
How To Save Money On Your Aircon Costs

1. Insulating Your Home

This is a resourceful way to improve the energy-efficiency in your home. Insulating your home can help you save up to 45% per year on electricity costs.

Insulate your home by:

  • Closing the windows, curtains and doors when using the air conditioner at home
  • Using insulation to your home’s exterior walls
  • Painting your home with insulating paint
  • Insulating any gaps between windows and doors by using weather-stripping


2. Make Use Of A Programmable Thermostat

Yes, you read it right. A programmable thermostat can help lower your electric bill.

Simply adjust and program your thermostat to run at the optimal temperature while you’re at work, at rest or out for the weekend.

Set it between 18 to 20 degrees during winter, and 24 to 26 degrees in summer. By programming it this way, you are saving your air conditioner’s cost by as much as 10%.


3. Choose Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioners at home help you live comfortably, both during winter and summer. It is one of the most overused appliances inside your home and office. Thus, it is important for you not to settle for anything less.

If you start noticing that your energy bill is suddenly increasing, one of the culprits behind this maybe your air conditioning unit. Immediately, contact an aircon technician to check on your unit for any leaks or needed repair.

If it keeps on getting broken, consider buying a new unit with an efficient energy star rating and in-built eco setting. Otherwise, choose to upgrade it for added convenience and cost-saving benefits.

Here at Wahoo Air Conditioning, we are offering a FREE My Air 5 Upgrade. Learn more about this offer.

Do you want to know 3 good reasons why you should get your aircon serviced regularly? Read our blog discussing it here.


4. Find those “Phantom Energy”

In case you do not know, 75% of the electricity used at home likely comes from switched-off electronics that are still connected to the wall.

This phantom usage can leak from your surprising devices such as small and upright fans.

Don’t let these appliances suck up your electrical power when plugged in. Give us a call if you would like to discuss a secondary air conditioning unit.


5. Consider a change of outdoor landscape

Careful selection and planting of trees, shrubs and vines around your home can help lower your bills.

  • Shade your house from the low sun on the eastern and western sides by planting tall and cone-shaped trees in a row
  • To increase the effectiveness of an insulated wall, plant vines on the outside wall and around windows
  • Shade your house from the sun by planting trees in the east and west
  • Shade the house in summer and let the sun through in winter by planting trees to the north (choose deciduous trees with a wide canopy)

Does your air conditioner at home need maintenance? 

Do you need to increase its efficiency while keeping your energy bill low?

Do you need to upgrade or add a secondary unit for all your rooms?

We are happy to assist you. Call us on 07 3889 4508.