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How to Prolong the Working Life of Your Air Conditioning System | Part 1

The importance of air conditioning systems at home are undebatable. It’s one of the most essential appliances ever made, especially for Australian homes during summer. Perhaps, to remain comfortable every summer, most homeowners are looking for ways on how to lengthen the life of their air conditioning system.

How to Prolong the Working Life of Your Air Conditioning System | Part 1

Here we’ll show the easy ways you can do to ensure your air conditioning system can last longer than expected.


How to prolong the working life of your air conditioning system

Technically, air conditioners are said to have a working life of 10 to 12 years. This can still vary depending on how you take care of it.

So, is there really a way to lengthen the working life of an air conditioning system?

Yes, there are and they’re easy! Read them below.


1. Clean and replace the air filters

Filters are responsible for blocking and catching small particles, debris, and dust from getting inside the air conditioner’s system. Over time, these that accumulate in the filter can cause it to clog.

This may lead your air conditioning system to malfunction, shorten its life, and contaminate the air quality in your home.

To help lengthen the working life of your air conditioning system, you need to regularly clean its air filters. This way, it will not have to work double-time to blow out the cool or hot air to your home. Plus, you can avoid developing respiratory diseases because of the contaminated air of a clogged air filter.


2. Hose down the external coil

Another easy way to lengthen the working life of your air conditioning system is by hosing down its external coils.

The external coils or air conditioners can also accumulate dust and debris, and failing to clean them is like failing to replace the air filters. Dirty external coils will compromise the performance and longevity of your air conditioning system. If it remains unattended, it may lead your cooling system to breakdown.


3. Let it rest

An air conditioner that’s running all day long without rest tends to wear and tear quickly. Same goes to other electronic devices. They produce heat inside them while operating, and continuous heat can cause them to wear out.

This may seem easier said than done, especially if you’ll do this in summer, but giving your air conditioning unit a rest will help lengthen its life span. You may take advantage of the cooler times of the day like in the evening. Open your windows and enjoy the natural breeze of the night.

Let it have a rest and you’ll see its significant effect on the air conditioner’s performance and longevity.


4. Keep the air ducts clean

Keeping the air ducts of your air conditioning system is also another way of lengthening its life. The air ducts are the one who pushes the cool air inside your home. If these ducts are blocked with dirt and debris, the whole unit will need to work harder just to keep your home cool.

Unless these ducts are regularly kept clean and free from obstructions, it may shorten the life of your system and eventually breakdown.


5. Wipe out the exterior

Do you still remember how your air conditioner looked when it was new? Well, your unit can keep that look with just a simple trick.

The secret is to always wipe off dust and debris on the exterior of your air conditioning unit. Just get a soft cloth, warm water, and a little amount of detergent. Mix the detergent and warm water in a spray bottle and use that solution when you clean your unit.

When you do this constantly, you’re removing the dust and debris that can clog the air filters. As a result, your unit can serve you better for a longer time.


6. Get the compressor regularly checked by a professional

Compressors play an important role in processing the hot and cold air blown by your indoor unit. Over time, it’s pump oil level may deplete and if it’s not monitored, the compressor will not work properly and can be damaged.

Therefore, getting it regularly checked by a professional air conditioning technician is a must. Let a professional check the pump oil level of the compressor and refill it as needed.

Getting it regularly checked can also help in spotting oil leaks and drain moisture in the tank. As a result, it can be immediately fixed before the damage becomes big.


These are just a few things you can do to lengthen the working life of your air conditioning system. But hey, we have more for you!

Watch out for our part 2. We’ll show you the other easy ways you can do to help lengthen your air conditioning system with you.