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How To Prepare Your Daikin AC Unit For The Coming Winter

Winter is about to come. This means that it’s time to switch our air conditioning units to heating operation. But the question is this:

  • Is your Daikin air conditioner prepared to keep you warm and cozy until the hot season ends?
  • Have you called out an air conditioning specialist to check up on your unit for potential problems?

Not yet? Then these things we’ve listed below will help you prepare your Daikin AC unit for the coming winter.

The following are the simple preventive measures that can surely pay off and save you from expensive and inconvenient breakdowns.

How To Prepare Your Daikin AC Unit For The Coming Winter


The filter of your air conditioner may now be filled with dirt and dust, especially with all the work it has gone through during the hot season. So it’s best to get a specialist to pay a visit to your cooling unit. Giving your unit, may it be a Daikin air conditioner or not, some care will surely pay off in the long run.

Actually, Energy Star recommends cleaning or replacing the air conditioner’s filter every month, especially in peak seasons like Summer and Winter.

A clean filter can ensure that your home is filled with clean air quality, plus it will help your unit work more efficiently for a longer time. So, before the cold season comes in, it’s best to call an air conditioning specialist to check up on your unit.



Keeping your air conditioning unit clean is how you can prepare it for the coming winter. It’s an easy preventive measure you can do on your own.

You can use a clean cloth to wipe off any dust and debris on the outer part of your unit. You can also use a feather duster to shake off the dust build-ups in the louvres. Should you use any cleaning chemical in cleaning your unit, just make sure to check the unit’s manual first for the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Once done with the inside unit of your cooling system, you can now turn your cleaning operation on the outside unit. Clear out debris, bird droppings, cobwebs, and bugs lying on the unit. We also highly recommend cleaning the surroundings of your outside unit. Remove fallen branches, leaves, and grasses as these can be sucked up and clog the outer unit.



There’s an ideal temperature setting of air conditioners to use during winter. It shouldn’t be higher than 21 to 22-degree celsius.

Pumping the unit’s thermostat too high can only lead to breakdown because of the higher operation you require. Plus, doing so can also spike up your energy consumption. So, we best recommend following this setting.



Air conditioners make cooling or warming our homes easier, right. You just switch it on and leave the rest to it. However, if you want to keep your cooling unit operating efficiently for a longer time, finding other ways to warm your home is a wise move.

Take time to analyse your home and find spots where the cool air can leak. Use draft proofing to cover the holes. You can also check out little devices called window seals and draft excluders to add more insulation to your home.

These things can be cheap and tidy work, but they can surely help your air conditioner to keep your home warm and comfortable during winter. So, Daikin or not, that’s how you can prepare your air conditioning unit for the coming winter.

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