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How to Find an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Unit

“Energy costs are getting higher and the cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use.”

-Paul Pettipas

We all want to pay our money’s worth. After all, we’ve worked hard for it. Therefore, it is but natural for us to look for energy-efficient ways that will make our energy bills lower. One of this is finding an energy-efficient air conditioning unit for homes and offices in ClontarfBalmoralBribie IslandBulimbaGreen SlopesHawthorneMorningside, Noosa, North BrisbaneNorth LakesRedcliffeSouth Brisbane, and North Lakes.

But how do you find one? Here are some tips.


Key Features of an Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Unit

How to Find an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Unit

Here are some of the key features you will find in an energy-efficient AC:


R32 Refrigerant

R32 refrigerant is the new type of refrigerant. It is more energy-efficient compared to the older types of refrigerants. It’s a single component that can carry the heat more effectively, hence it is easier to recycle.

This next-generation refrigerant has a lower impact on the environment because it uses lesser refrigerant to work. That’s why it’s not only energy-efficient but it’s also environmental-friendly.


2-Area Intelligent eye

Imagine an AC unit with a mind on its own it can detect if an individual is present in a room. Sounds like a movie? Nah!, its part of the latest features in energy-efficient AC units called 2-Area Intelligent Eye.

This is an infrared sensor that detects human presence in a room. For this reason, your smart AC knows whether the room is occupied or not. Once it detects that the room is occupied, it will automatically adjust the thermostat for you. It can even change the direction of the air so it follows your movement as you go through the room.


Coanda and Vertical Airflow

A typical AC can cool the room with either a one or two way airflow in a horizontal or straight pattern. But with an energy-efficient AC, the unit can stream its airflow upward or downward. This is process is called Coanda.

The Coanda and vertical airflow allow the aircon to have longer throws, which evenly distributes the cool air in the room. This either warms or cools the room more quickly. As a result, you have lesser energy bill without compromising the cool or warm comfort of your homes and offices.


Grid Eye Sensor

An energy-efficient air conditioning unit not only has one eye, but it also has another eye called the grid eye sensor. It works similarly with the 2-Area intelligent eye, but rather than determining if there is a person inside a room, it detects the temperature of the room’s floor.

Once it detects the floor’s temperature, during heating, it will automatically adjust and select the suitable airflow for the room. This way, it can heat the room effectively with just a little amount of energy.

Smartphone control

Put power within your fingertips through mobile control. This is another feature of energy-efficient air conditioning systems.

Now you can remotely control your AC even if you are not at home using your smartphone. This means setting your unit to cool or warm your home even before you arrive from work.

Forgot to turn it off? Do it via your smartphones, too.

This makes everything very convenient.


Now is the time to invest in an energy-efficient AC unit

Are you now ready to buy an energy-efficient airconditioning unit for your homes and offices in Clontarf, Balmoral, Bribie Island, Bulimba, Green Slopes, Hawthorne, Morningside, Noosa, North Brisbane, North Lakes, Redcliffe, South Brisbane, and North Lakes?

Let Wahoo Air Conditioning provide you with the correct size and type of AC for your home or office. We have a team of licensed technicians that can help you with the installation of your new AC in Brisbane and other near locations.

To get the best deal of leading AC bands for your home or office, call us at 07 3889 4508. Or send us a message to get a quote.