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How Important Is An Air Conditioning Technician Service This 2021

Air conditioners provide comfort and convenience in our homes, both in the cold and hot season. However, for it to continuously work efficiently this 2021, you must let an air conditioning technician service it regularly.

How Important Is An Air Conditioning Technician Service This 2021

What are the basic procedures done by an AC technician during maintenance?

Are you aware that a dirty air conditioner can be a natural base for almost all kinds of microorganisms such as fungi, moulds, pollen, mites? Yes, it can and these can bring negative impacts to your health. Given these, you must call a professional technician to disinfect your air conditioner.

Numbers of cleaning products with disinfecting, cleaning, mould-repellent, and bactericidal properties are present in the market. However, these must be prepared and certified by a professional technician.

Below are the basic procedures to be done by an AC technician during AC maintenance.



  1. Monitor, measure amperage and volt draw the wiring connections on the Compressor
  2. Measure the amperage and voltage for proper operation of the Blower Motor
  3. Inspect and tighten connections with the electrical wirings
  4. Measure Supply/Return temperature differential
  5. Monitor operating pressures in the Refrigerant
  6. Inspect the bearing for wear and lubricate it
  7. Clean and remove debris in the condenser coil
  8. Clean existing air filter (as needed)
  9. Inspect ductwork for energy loss
  10. Inspect Condenser Coil
  11. Inspect indoor coil
  12. Inspect fan blade
  13. Inspect and test capacitors
  14. Inspect service valves for proper operation
  15. Check electrical system for exposed wiring
  16. Inspect for proper operation of the Safety devices
  17. Flush and treat the Condensate drain with anti-algae
  18. Test/inspect the contactors for burned and pitted contacts
  19. Test for proper operation, calibrate and level of the Thermostat
  20. Check the rating and installation of the Electrical Disconnect Box

These things are what you can expect from an AC technician when you schedule your air conditioner for a check-up.


Is servicing the air conditioner significant for its health only?

Servicing your air conditioner this 2021 can have a significant impact, not only on its health but on its overall performance. Listed below are the important reasons why you need an air conditioning technician to service your cooling unit.


Reasons to get an AC technician service this 2021

  • Purify the air quality
  • Extends the AC’s life
  • Reduce cooling and heating cost
  • Increase the AC system’s efficiency
  • Lessen the expensive repairs
  • Reduce the humidity indoors
  • Eliminate the extra noise 

By carrying out these proper maintenance procedures to your cooling unit, you can ensure that it will operate efficiently for many years.

You can detect potential problems early and fix them before it gets worse through a regular servicing schedule. You can prevent further damage and unexpected breakdowns, which are expensive to repair. Therefore, servicing the air conditioner is not only significant to its health, but it’s also significant to your convenience and savings.

Our best advice is to get your cooling unit serviced at least twice a year. During spring and autumn. It’s the best time to prepare your cooling unit and ensure that it’s at its optimum level before the winter and summer come in.

Make sure that all of these procedures will be performed by a licensed technician. Look for certificates and recommendations of their works, if possible. In this way, you can avoid bigger problems due to the unprofessional work of an unlicensed AC technician.