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How Do You Choose the Best Aircon System for a Small Room?

With more people finding the convenience of working from home due to the pandemic, it is not surprising to note that several rooms inside the house have been transformed into an office space. But to remain productive, one should ensure that the temperature inside these rooms remain regulated. So how do you find the right aircon who can do the job for you?

How Do You Choose the Best Aircon System for a Small Room?

Elements to Consider When Buying an Aircon for Small Rooms

When buying an aircon for small rooms in in Clontarf, Balmoral, Bribie Island, Bulimba, Green Slopes, Hawthorne, Morningside, Noosa, North Brisbane, North Lakes, Redcliffe, South Brisbane, and North Lakes; it is important to note the following elements:


Energy Star Certification

Cooling efficiency is not the only factor you should consider when choosing an AC unit. You should also include its energy efficiency. One way of checking this is by looking at its energy star certification.

Energy Star Certification - small room aircon system


Know that many air conditioners nowadays come with better insulating materials and seals to minimise leakages.


Degree of Noise

No one wants a noisy aircon, much more in a bedroom, especially if it is just a small room. So, we can consider the noise of the unit to be one of the most important elements you should consider.

As a guide, the acceptable noise level for aircon systems in QLD is:

  • 7am to 10pm – no more than five decibels (A) above the background noise level
  • 10pm to 7am – no more than three decibels (A) above the background noise level.

Let us help you choose a quiet aircon system for your small room. Talk to us on 07 3889 4508.


Smart Cooling System

Air conditioning systems have now gotten smarter so that you can control them even if you are away from home. You can even have these interconnected, while some can automatically regulate the temperature for you.

Be smart and choose an AC system that can aid you even if you are sleeping or away from home.


Check the Warranty

Warranty is an important element to ensure you are buying high quality products. However, you should learn more about what’s included in the warranty. Ask your supplier about the do’s and don’ts for you not to get it voided.


Aircon Size

Now comes the aircon size or the capacity you need to cool your small room. This requires a bit of calculation as we have discussed in our previous blog. Some of the elements to be considered are the window location, the height of the ceiling, your floor space and the amount of appliances inside the room

As a rule, if the room is sunny then add a 10% aircon capacity to it, but if its shady then reduce it by 10%. The number of people who frequently use the room also adds to these measurements. So it is always best to consult an AC specialist about it.



For a more accurate sizing of your aircon, it is always best to consult an aircon specialist who can do the calculation for you. They can also help you choose a convenient location to place your aircon and recommend additional measures to help you save on your energy cost. Most importantly, they will be skilled in installing different types and brands of aircon.

Do you need help in choosing and installing the right aircon for your small room? Our staff is always ready to help. Get a quote.