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HELP! My Air Conditioner is FROZEN!

Brisbane seldom experiences a freezing winter, but do you know that your air conditioner may suffer from one?

HELP! My Air Conditioner is FROZEN!

Yes! This may sound weird but there are many reasons why your aircon may experience this. Learn more about it in this blog.


Understanding the Joule-Thomson Effect and Its Relationship With Your AC Unit

To begin, let us first understand your AC unit functions. This is explained via the Joule-Thomson Effect.

If this process gets disrupted. The evaporator coil of your unit will allow the refrigerant to excessively cool. This allows it to fall below freezing temperature and start to develop ice all over it.


What are the Potential Causes of an Aircon Freeze?

To prevent this from happening, it is best to identify the possible causes of this scene.


Low Refrigerant Level

Your air conditioning system is designed to effectively function with a full tank of refrigerant. So when the refrigerant level drops, it not only results in an inability to cool your room; but it may also lead to a frozen system.

Now if you are thinking you can easily add refrigerant to your system, then you better think again. This is because air conditioning refrigerants are only to be handled by licensed AC technicians. This is a hazardous substance that if handled properly may result to skin burns.

So just let the experts handle the refilling of your refrigerant. Talk to us, today.


Blocked Filter

A blocked filter, mostly due to dirt build up, may also result in a frozen aircon.

It blocks the cold air from going out of the system. This cold air gets trapped inside where it builds up moisture, which leads to a frozen system. So to avoid this from happening, it is absolutely important for you to regularly clean and maintain your unit.


Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat may also send false signals to your unit keeping it to cool even if it has already reached its desired temperature. When this happens, expect some parts of your unit to freeze, too.


Air Conditioning Cooling Problems and the Role Your Thermostat Plays


Read here to know more about faulty thermostats and how to handle it.


Clogged Drain

Although this happens on rare occasions, this may also lead to water and moisture to get stuck inside your system. This puts your system at risk of freezing.

So do not wait for this to happen. Always have scheduled maintenance of your system, especially during change of every season.



A freezing AC system is frustrating, especially if this happens when you need it the most. However, this can be prevented with regular cleaning and maintenance. So it is important to never forget your scheduled AC maintenance.

Don’t have an AC specialist to do the cleaning and inspection for you? Save our number:  07 3889 4508. We are happy to help.