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COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control | Wahoo Airconditioning

Do you need air conditioning services at home? or in the office?

Can’t decide whether to call a contractor because of the COVID-19 scare?

Here at Wahoo Air Conditioning, we give you the assurance that we do all the necessary precautions to ensure all of our aircon technicians are fit and healthy.

All our staff have been fully trained in the COVID-19 infection prevention and control.

We do not want to put our staff and customers’ health at risk. We took the initiative of giving our team training to keep them informed and skilled on how to ensure they will be COVID-19 free the moment they enter your premises.


The training covers:


1. The fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19.


This training module discussed the necessary things needed to know to prevent from getting infected with the virus, including:

  • COVID-19 — what is it?
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Keeping safe — protecting yourself and others
  • Myth busting

The module should take approximately thirty (30) minutes to complete, with quiz at the end.


2. How to protect yourself and the people you are caring for from infection with COVID-19


Key learning objectives include but not limited to:

  • Understanding the basics about the COVID-19 virus, including how it is spread
  • Describing what you do to protect yourself and others 
  • Knowing what to do if you develop symptoms
  • Knowing what to do if the person you are caring for develops symptoms
  • Telling the difference between myths and facts of COVID-19

(The training module can be accessed from the Department of Health website here.)



WAHOO Air conditioning has stepped up to keep the staff well informed on the existing COVID-19 Outbreak so we could continue working and serving with your air conditioner needs.

Since we value our customers’ health, we will continue to keep your house and offices warm this winter to reduce the lowering of your immune system which keeps you open to colds and flu.

We understand your need and expectations much more in this trying time. 

Call us right away if you need help to install and maintain your air conditioners, from commercial, domestic to industrial fit-outs.

We ensure your safety and provide a solution for your air conditioning needs with long term satisfaction.

Is your business affected by the pandemic? We understand you.

If you need some more options payment wise, We do offer Zip as an alternative.

Split Type vs Ducted Air Conditioning Unit

There is an on-going debate in the industry about the efficiency of different air conditioning units namely,

  • Window A/C
  • Split Type (single and multi split)
  • Ducted

This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of these different aircon unit types. Read on to learn more.

Window A/C: Upfront cheap and easy to install

Window A/Cs are upfront cheap and quicker to install, compared to other types of air conditioning systems. However, the fact is it is the least energy efficient type of A/C unit, today.

Oh and did we mention the noise these A/C units produce?


Split Type Air Conditioning Systems: Energy efficient

Some believe that a split type air conditioning system is the most energy efficient amongst these three. This has made it the most common choice of many Brisbane office and homeowners.

But we say that this may not always be the case.

In fact, it brags of the following benefits:

  • reasonable installation costs
  • sufficient cooling power
  • high levels of energy-efficiency

However, this will never be the case with a large, open office space. You may choose the largest split system, but it will still not be sufficient to adequately cool it. Thus, the need for multiple split systems.

What happens if you have several split systems installed in your office?

You consume more power.

What’s the verdict?

If you are cooling a small open office space or home, then choosing a split system may indeed be the best option. But if it requires more than one split system, then you may opt for a ducted system.


Multi-Split Systems: Perfect for homes with small rooms

This is a scaled down Split air conditioning system. It works perfectly for homes with small rooms that requires cooling, perfect for limited space for outdoors units.

Thus, it is always best to work with a professional and knowledgeable air conditioning company in Brisbane who have years of experience. Doing so, will save you a lot of headaches and reduced energy bills.


Ducted Air Conditioning System: Ideal for large space areas

Some office and homeowners shy away from ducted air conditioning system because of the knowledge that it can drive your summer energy bill?

Although true that ducted systems use more electricity, but this is the best option for large spaces because they also are more powerful.


Read our next blog as we discuss the many benefits a ducted system for large areas can deliver.

Why a Duct Air Conditioning System Maybe You Best Option this 2020

If you’ve read our previous blog, we shared that many people think ducted air conditioning systems are less energy efficient because it uses more power compared to split systems.

In this article, we discuss why this isn’t the case, especially with a ducted air conditioning system. Read on to know more about it.

Who will benefit from a duct air conditioning system?

Unlike conventional ducted systems, a small duct air conditioning system uses narrow ducting techniques. This allows you to have the benefits of a ducted cooling for spaces with:

  • Large open areas
  • 4 to 5 bedrooms
  • Consistently cool throughout your whole home.
  • Every room individually air conditioned based on preferences
  • It has a central temperature and zone control with set and forget timer

As a result, you have cooler homes without spending much energy.


How much can you be spending?

You can save as much as 30% to 50 % or even more. Just ensure you choose a knowledgeable and highly skilled aircon company in Brisbane who will install this for you.


How is it possible to get lower energy bill with a ducted system?

You must be curious as to how a ducted system can help reduce your energy bill without compromising the cooling condition of your home and offices. These are the factors that contribute to these:


Zoning System

Ducted systems use zoning techniques. This allows you to shut-off the cooling system in certain rooms, thus you save more energy.

Do you have a room that is rarely used? Then a ducted system is perfect for you as it allow you to close that room off and let the cool air be redirected elsewhere. As a result, the cooling process speeds up and reduces your energy usage.


Sensor Features

Ducted systems can add sensor features that can spot temperature and movement. Combining this with your zoning system can dramatically lower your energy usage.


How it works

When movement sensors detect no movement in certain rooms, it can zone off that room for you to save energy. No need to zone it off manually because these detectors will automatically do it for you. This is the value of smart cooling systems.

Interested to get a smart cooling system for your home or office? Learn more about our MyAir 5 Free Upgrade promo.

Are you ready for Summer Brisbane?

With the heat expected to increase with the coming years in Brisbane, it may be very difficult to live here within the next year; unless you find a cost-efficient solution to this growing heat temperature problem.

In a report published by ABC.NET.AU, Shelley Lloyd shared that an alarming report has found temperature increases from climate change and urban growth will make Brisbane “a difficult place to live” within the next 30 years, and more people will be at risk of dying from extreme heat.

This means hot days and nights will double when it reaches 2050. Thus, people will be avoiding outdoor activities just to remain cool during the summer season.

We all know that this is not cliche, as we have already experienced a temperature increase in Brisbane over the past summer season. But the next big question is, how do we combat this problem?


Using Smart Air Conditioning System to Combat Extreme Temperature Changes

Technology has a solution for those who wish to prepare in advance for these extreme temperature changes. One of which is the use of smart air conditioning systems as it has been designed to deliver the following advantages:



Set a 7-day schedule so it will automatically adjust the temperature according to your lifestyle.



Experience maximum comfort as it pre-rooms your home or office before you arrive. It can even adjust to your sleep pattern so a sudden change of temperature will not disrupt your sleep.


Cost Savings

Avoid overcooling your home and increased billing costs due to forgetting turning your AC off because its built-in motion sensors are equipped to sense if no one is inside the room. This automatically alerts you via your smartphone while it turns it off.


Why Choose MyAir 5 as Your Smart Air Conditioning System of Choice

MyAir Series 5 is one, if not the best cost-efficient solution for your cooling and heating needs. Let it control the airflow and temperature of any zone in your home with just a touch of a button. Moreover, experience the following benefits it can deliver to your home and offices:

MyAir Series 5 brags of the following features:

  • 8-inch touchscreen control panel
  • full wireless remote control system via your smartphone
  • Patented Exact Air Regulator for unrivalled control over airflow
  • Motion sensor options
  • Outside air system option
  • Compatible with all major brands and independent temperature control systems

Click here to learn more about our FREE MyAir Upgrade. Talk to us, today.


Wahoo Free My Air 5 Upgrade Daikin

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

The lifespan of a central air conditioning unit can last 15 to 20 years. This is of course if it does not encounter any problem and if it has been regularly maintained. However, there are instances when replacing it is better than having it repaired. How do you know when its time to get it replaced? Here are the signs:


It’s over 10 years old

Most air conditioning units were made to last for a maximum of 10 years. This is the most number of years it can serve you efficiently. That is given the fact that you are performing regular maintenance on it. Thus, if your AC starts to break because it is more than 10 years, then it is high time you do give it a rest.

Send us a message and upgrade your air conditioning system to MyAir5, today. Send us a message.


Frequent need for repair

Don’t immediately take repair services as a bad thing, especially if it’s really necessary. But if your unit has been needing repair frequently, you better think it through.

If it’s experiencing the same problem then it may do need to be replaced. Save money by buying a new one, otherwise be prepared to spend more due to repairs and higher power bills due to its inefficient cooling system.

So what’s your choice?


Higher power bills

If you are using your AC but significantly felt an increase with your power bills, then consider bringing it to an aircon technician. If after the repair has been performed and it is still bringing you higher power bills, then it’s evident that you need a new unit.

You’ll do yourself a favour by buying a new one because not only will it decrease your power bill but it will also give you more comfort and convenience.


Extreme humidity levels at home

Air conditioners help to control and balance the humidity in your home. A broken unit can cause moisture accumulation on your windows. If this happens, your home will feel sticky because the humidity level is high. However, if the unit malfunctions then mould problems will arise. Both of which may lead to a very unhealthy environment for your family.

Avoid sickness by setting the right humidity level for your home. Call us for us to properly evaluate your unit.


Your home got bigger

The sizes of your air conditioning units indicate how much area it can efficiently cool and maintain. Thus, if you have added new rooms or expanded your house but didn’t add any AC unit, then it will be working harder. This results in an inefficient system.

Consult the right size of an air conditioning unit that will work well on your resized home. Have it re-evaluated by the experts. Our team is ready to assist you. Just send us a message so we can properly check it for you.

Are you noticing any of these signs with your AC unit? WAHOO Air Conditioning is your help to go. They can aid AC unit owners in Brisbane and the surrounding areas with their unit’s repair and replacement. They are a licensed supplier of different AC top brands like Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and Hitachi.

Do you need a replacement for your AC? Call them at 07 3889 4508 or send them a message today!