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HELP! My Air Conditioner is FROZEN!

Brisbane seldom experiences a freezing winter, but do you know that your air conditioner may suffer from one?

Yes! This may sound weird but there are many reasons why your aircon may experience this. Learn more about it in this blog.


Understanding the Joule-Thomson Effect and Its Relationship With Your AC Unit

To begin, let us first understand your AC unit functions. This is explained via the Joule-Thomson Effect.

If this process gets disrupted. The evaporator coil of your unit will allow the refrigerant to excessively cool. This allows it to fall below freezing temperature and start to develop ice all over it.


What are the Potential Causes of an Aircon Freeze?

To prevent this from happening, it is best to identify the possible causes of this scene.


Low Refrigerant Level

Your air conditioning system is designed to effectively function with a full tank of refrigerant. So when the refrigerant level drops, it not only results in an inability to cool your room; but it may also lead to a frozen system.

Now if you are thinking you can easily add refrigerant to your system, then you better think again. This is because air conditioning refrigerants are only to be handled by licensed AC technicians. This is a hazardous substance that if handled properly may result to skin burns.

So just let the experts handle the refilling of your refrigerant. Talk to us, today.


Blocked Filter

A blocked filter, mostly due to dirt build up, may also result in a frozen aircon.

It blocks the cold air from going out of the system. This cold air gets trapped inside where it builds up moisture, which leads to a frozen system. So to avoid this from happening, it is absolutely important for you to regularly clean and maintain your unit.


Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat may also send false signals to your unit keeping it to cool even if it has already reached its desired temperature. When this happens, expect some parts of your unit to freeze, too.


Air Conditioning Cooling Problems and the Role Your Thermostat Plays


Read here to know more about faulty thermostats and how to handle it.


Clogged Drain

Although this happens on rare occasions, this may also lead to water and moisture to get stuck inside your system. This puts your system at risk of freezing.

So do not wait for this to happen. Always have scheduled maintenance of your system, especially during change of every season.



A freezing AC system is frustrating, especially if this happens when you need it the most. However, this can be prevented with regular cleaning and maintenance. So it is important to never forget your scheduled AC maintenance.

Don’t have an AC specialist to do the cleaning and inspection for you? Save our number:  07 3889 4508. We are happy to help.

Ensure the Look of Your Luxury Apartment with an Efficient AC System

Luxury apartment owners usually forget about the importance of comfortable and clean air. Not until their apartment’s air conditioning (AC) system starts to fail.

The consequences can be devastating and can take a toll on their savings. Why? Because their expensive decors and furnishings can be damaged when their air conditioning system fails. It’s worse than being in a hot situation for a little while and paying for an expensive repair.

So, you may ask, what do you need to do? Below are your answers.


How does a faulty air conditioning system compromise an apartment’s decor?

Some of the things that can be compromised should your apartment’s air conditioning system break down are the following:

  • Woodwork
  • Wallpaper
  • Rugs
  • Mouldings
  • Furniture
  • Artworks
  • Musical instruments

These things can be expensive, thus, it’ll be sad to imagine if they get ruined because of a failing air conditioning system. That’s why it’s important to have an efficient AC system in your luxury apartment.

What are the results of a faulty air conditioning system in a luxury apartment?

Here are just some of the things a faulty air conditioning system can do to your property in  Clontarf, Balmoral, Bribie Island, Bulimba, Green Slopes, Hawthorne, Morningside, Noosa, North Brisbane, North Lakes, Redcliffe, South Brisbane, and North Lakes.


Moisture and humidity

These two are the enemy of distinct decor and finishes. The excess moisture and humidity can cause the woodworks and mouldings to warp. These can also cause moulds in wallpaper, painting, rugs, photographs, upholstery and draperies. As a result, your luxury apartment will have a foul smell because of the mould build-up.


Humid air and water leaks

Humid air and water leaks commonly happen in apartments when their air conditioning system breaks down. This can also happen if the AC is not working for a long time. The air conditioner’s refrigerant can get low and freeze the evaporator coils, which can result in overflowing water in the drainage pan.


How do you ensure the looks of a luxury apartment with an efficient AC?

To ensure the looks of your luxury apartment perform regular air conditioning maintenance.

So, let us talk about how apartment air conditioning maintenance works and its significance to your AC and luxury apartment.



During AC maintenance, the technician inspects your unit for potential problems. This way, the problems are detected and fixed on the spot, thus, you can ensure that your air conditioning unit is in its best shape.

For example, there’s a small leak in your AC’s refrigerant. Through regular inspection of your unit, it’ll be found immediately and repaired before it causes bigger damage to your luxury apartment.



Over time, some parts of your air conditioning unit like the capacitor, wires, or fan motor will wear out. If your AC unit is regularly maintained, the AC technician can replace it before it leads the whole AC system to a breakdown, which may also cause you to replace the entire system.

This makes it an easy and inexpensive way to keep your air conditioning system efficient for you and your apartment.



During an air conditioning system maintenance, your AC technician will thoroughly clean the components of your cooling unit. If you are tempted to do this on your own, then STOP. This is definitely not a good idea because some delicate parts of your system you may accidentally break.

Thoroughly cleaning an air conditioning system requires proper knowledge and tools to accomplish. So, you must call a licensed AC technician to perform this.

Do you need to get your air conditioning system efficient for your luxury apartment? Let Wahoo Air Conditioning do it for you. Talk to us now.

Understanding the ZERL Granted to Daikin Split System Air Conditioners

In one of our previous blogs, we’ve shared the importance of checking the energy rating label of air conditioners. We’ve also explained how it helps in choosing the most economical cooling unit in the market.

But, did you know that there’s a new energy rating label and it’s granted to Daikin’s Split system air conditioners?

Yes, and it’s called Zoned Energy Rating Label (ZERL).

So, for this blog, we’ll help you understand what is ZERL given to the split system air conditioners of Daikin.

The new Zoned Energy Rating Label

Getting efficient and economical split type air conditioners has been made easier with the new ZERL.

The Zoned Energy Rating Label has divided the continent into 3 distinct climate zones: Hot, Average, and Cold. This allows the buyer to compare and identify the air conditioner that matches the climate in the zone they live in. Therefore, you can get the exact type of cooling unit for your home.

In this new rating label, the number of stars still applies. So, the more stars a split system air conditioning has, the more efficient it is.


The difference between ZERL and Old Energy Rating Label (ERL)

Now, let us dive a little deeper into the difference between the new ZERL and the old ERL.



In the old ERL, the star ratings are calculated through a single indoor and outdoor temperature condition. It doesn’t take into account the different climate conditions around Australia. Below’s a sample photo of an old Energy Rating Label.

Old Energy Rating Label - Wahoo Air Conditioning


Now, here are the performance calculation details in the old ERL.


Performance calculation details

  • The calculation counts the standby power and assumes it will be 6760 standby power in a year.
  • The calculation in the old ERL assumes that the AC will be cooling or heating 2000 hours per year. This equation doesn’t include the climate condition where the AC will be operating.
  • In ERL, they base the star ratings on the efficiency of the air conditioning unit at 7 °C (for heating) outside temperature and 35 °C for cooling.

Now, let’s understand the new Zoned Energy Rating Label in the following.



In the new ZERL, the star ratings are based on the calculation of two factors: The local climate data and the temperature profile of a zone throughout the year.

Now, the result came out as seasonal efficiency star ratings and there are 3 distinct climate zones. The Hot, Average, and Cold.

With the new ZERL, the buyer can now easily identify which split type air conditioner fits the climate zone they live in. The noise level and energy usage are also now added to the air conditioner’s specification for additional information.


New Zoned Energy Rating Label - Wahoo Air Conditioning


Here are the details of how the performance is calculated in the new ZERL.


Performance calculation details

  • To estimate the number of heating and cooling hours an AC will have, the new ZERL uses the climate data on a specific zone with a range of climate temperatures.
  • The calculation in the new ZERL considers that the time at standby and standby power is dependent on the zone.
  • In the new ZERL, the annual energy use is shown based on specific conditions.

Please bear in mind that the star ratings between ERL and ZERL can’t be compared. This is due to the different calculating methods they’ve applied.


Reading the new Zoned Energy Rating Label

Now that you know the difference between the old ERL and the new ZERL, let us now show you how to read the new Zoned Energy Rating Label.


#1 Brand and model

This is where you’ll see the brand and model number of an air conditioner. Make sure to check this carefully to ensure you’re getting the one you desire.


#2 Cooling capacity

This is the cooling capacity (kW) of the air conditioner at a 27 °C indoor temperature and 35 °C outdoor temperature.


#3 Heating capacity

This is the heating capacity of the air conditioner (kW) at a 20 °C indoor temperature and 7 °C or 2 °C outdoor temperature.


#4 Sound levels

These values show the indoor and outdoor sound level of the air conditioner. The lower number indicates the unit’s quiet operation.


#5 Star ratings

The number 5 shows the star rating of the air conditioning unit. These stars indicate the efficiency of the unit to the different climate zones. On this part, you may want to remember that more stars mean higher efficiency.


#6 Energy usage

This one tells how much energy will be used by the air conditioner in cooling or heating your home per year. The lower the kWh means the lower energy it will consume.


There you go. Hopefully, this has helped you understand how the Zoned Energy Rating Label works.


Looking for a licensed dealer of Daikin split type air conditioners with ZERL? Talk to us.

How Important Is An Air Conditioning Technician Service This 2021

Air conditioners provide comfort and convenience in our homes, both in the cold and hot season. However, for it to continuously work efficiently this 2021, you must let an air conditioning technician service it regularly.

What are the basic procedures done by an AC technician during maintenance?

Are you aware that a dirty air conditioner can be a natural base for almost all kinds of microorganisms such as fungi, moulds, pollen, mites? Yes, it can and these can bring negative impacts to your health. Given these, you must call a professional technician to disinfect your air conditioner.

Numbers of cleaning products with disinfecting, cleaning, mould-repellent, and bactericidal properties are present in the market. However, these must be prepared and certified by a professional technician.

Below are the basic procedures to be done by an AC technician during AC maintenance.



  1. Monitor, measure amperage and volt draw the wiring connections on the Compressor
  2. Measure the amperage and voltage for proper operation of the Blower Motor
  3. Inspect and tighten connections with the electrical wirings
  4. Measure Supply/Return temperature differential
  5. Monitor operating pressures in the Refrigerant
  6. Inspect the bearing for wear and lubricate it
  7. Clean and remove debris in the condenser coil
  8. Clean existing air filter (as needed)
  9. Inspect ductwork for energy loss
  10. Inspect Condenser Coil
  11. Inspect indoor coil
  12. Inspect fan blade
  13. Inspect and test capacitors
  14. Inspect service valves for proper operation
  15. Check electrical system for exposed wiring
  16. Inspect for proper operation of the Safety devices
  17. Flush and treat the Condensate drain with anti-algae
  18. Test/inspect the contactors for burned and pitted contacts
  19. Test for proper operation, calibrate and level of the Thermostat
  20. Check the rating and installation of the Electrical Disconnect Box

These things are what you can expect from an AC technician when you schedule your air conditioner for a check-up.


Is servicing the air conditioner significant for its health only?

Servicing your air conditioner this 2021 can have a significant impact, not only on its health but on its overall performance. Listed below are the important reasons why you need an air conditioning technician to service your cooling unit.


Reasons to get an AC technician service this 2021

  • Purify the air quality
  • Extends the AC’s life
  • Reduce cooling and heating cost
  • Increase the AC system’s efficiency
  • Lessen the expensive repairs
  • Reduce the humidity indoors
  • Eliminate the extra noise 

By carrying out these proper maintenance procedures to your cooling unit, you can ensure that it will operate efficiently for many years.

You can detect potential problems early and fix them before it gets worse through a regular servicing schedule. You can prevent further damage and unexpected breakdowns, which are expensive to repair. Therefore, servicing the air conditioner is not only significant to its health, but it’s also significant to your convenience and savings.

Our best advice is to get your cooling unit serviced at least twice a year. During spring and autumn. It’s the best time to prepare your cooling unit and ensure that it’s at its optimum level before the winter and summer come in.

Make sure that all of these procedures will be performed by a licensed technician. Look for certificates and recommendations of their works, if possible. In this way, you can avoid bigger problems due to the unprofessional work of an unlicensed AC technician.

Air Conditioning for Home and Apartment: How Do They Differ?

May it be the cold or hot season, air conditioners are now one of the best solutions known by many. Before, this seemed like a luxury that was only available for a few. But now, more are adding to the equation of people who are enjoying the benefit of home air conditioning.

However, there are still some questions that linger in the minds of some. Such as:

  • Which one is best for a home?
  • How about in an apartment?
  • Do they differ?

Do you have these questions too? Keep on reading to find out the answers below.

Split-type air conditioners

Split-type air conditioners are known for their simple design yet highly-efficient operation. It is composed of two units which are the external and internal units.

The external unit is the one installed outside the house. It has all the noise-generating components with it.

On the other hand, the internal unit is the one placed inside. It usually sits in an area where it can easily blend with the interior design. Air conditioners such as the following can help facilitate this.


Ducted air conditioning system

A ducted indoor unit is tucked inside a suspended ceiling so the owner will see the inlet and outlet grilles only.


Wall-mounted air conditioning system

The wall-mounted air conditioner is one of the most popular and most affordable types. It has a small size that is perfect for small interior designs.


Cassette air conditioning system

A Cassette air conditioner is very much ideal for rooms with suspended ceilings. Its indoor unit is discrete inside the ceiling tiles. Therefore, it will not interfere with the room’s interior design.


General purpose (Ceiling, Floor-standing or Convertible) air conditioning system

This type of air conditioner is adaptable. You can install this on the ceiling or the floor, depending on its purpose.

These types of air conditioners are ideal for home air conditioning. They are quiet and easy to use. Just a little reminder, make sure to check the unit’s cooling capacity first before purchasing. This way, you can ensure that the air conditioning unit your buying is the right size for your home.

You may also consult an air conditioning specialist to help you with this.


Portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners are known to be great alternatives to split-type air conditioners. They can easily accommodate small rooms with just a small heat load. The following are the main advantages of this type of air conditioner.



Portable air conditioners are way more affordable compared to other types of air conditioners. Plus, it doesn’t require a specialist for the installation.


Easy installation

Using a portable air conditioner will only require you to fit a hot air extraction pipe, then you just need to connect it to a power supply.



Since this type of air conditioner is portable, you can move it along with you around your house. So, if you reside in an apartment, this type of air conditioner is suitable for you.

If you’re thinking of using a portable air conditioner at home, bear in mind that its performance and noise level are different from a split type air conditioning unit. Therefore, it may not provide you with the same convenience.

Now that you’ve known the difference between a split-type and portable air conditioner, below are the other facts you must consider when choosing a cooling unit.


How much energy does a home air conditioning system consume?

Home air conditioners have a low cooling capacity which means they only use a small amount of electricity.

For example, an air conditioner with a 2.6kw cooling capacity will consume no more than 1kw electricity per hour. So, this means you can enjoy cooling your home at an affordable price.


Do you need to check the energy class of the air conditioner?

If you don’t want to spike up your energy consumption, then checking the energy-efficiency class of your AC is a must. it’ll be worth it to pick the unit that at least falls on energy-efficiency class A; because the higher energy-efficiency class your unit has, the more economical it will be.

Do you need some advice on what type of air conditioning system will suit your Clontarf, Balmoral, Bribie Island, Bulimba, Green Slopes, Hawthorne, Morningside, Noosa, North Brisbane, North Lakes, Redcliffe, South Brisbane, and North Lakes, homes and apartments? Let’s talk.

How To Prepare Your Daikin AC Unit For The Coming Winter

Winter is about to come. This means that it’s time to switch our air conditioning units to heating operation. But the question is this:

  • Is your Daikin air conditioner prepared to keep you warm and cozy until the hot season ends?
  • Have you called out an air conditioning specialist to check up on your unit for potential problems?

Not yet? Then these things we’ve listed below will help you prepare your Daikin AC unit for the coming winter.

The following are the simple preventive measures that can surely pay off and save you from expensive and inconvenient breakdowns.


The filter of your air conditioner may now be filled with dirt and dust, especially with all the work it has gone through during the hot season. So it’s best to get a specialist to pay a visit to your cooling unit. Giving your unit, may it be a Daikin air conditioner or not, some care will surely pay off in the long run.

Actually, Energy Star recommends cleaning or replacing the air conditioner’s filter every month, especially in peak seasons like Summer and Winter.

A clean filter can ensure that your home is filled with clean air quality, plus it will help your unit work more efficiently for a longer time. So, before the cold season comes in, it’s best to call an air conditioning specialist to check up on your unit.



Keeping your air conditioning unit clean is how you can prepare it for the coming winter. It’s an easy preventive measure you can do on your own.

You can use a clean cloth to wipe off any dust and debris on the outer part of your unit. You can also use a feather duster to shake off the dust build-ups in the louvres. Should you use any cleaning chemical in cleaning your unit, just make sure to check the unit’s manual first for the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Once done with the inside unit of your cooling system, you can now turn your cleaning operation on the outside unit. Clear out debris, bird droppings, cobwebs, and bugs lying on the unit. We also highly recommend cleaning the surroundings of your outside unit. Remove fallen branches, leaves, and grasses as these can be sucked up and clog the outer unit.



There’s an ideal temperature setting of air conditioners to use during winter. It shouldn’t be higher than 21 to 22-degree celsius.

Pumping the unit’s thermostat too high can only lead to breakdown because of the higher operation you require. Plus, doing so can also spike up your energy consumption. So, we best recommend following this setting.



Air conditioners make cooling or warming our homes easier, right. You just switch it on and leave the rest to it. However, if you want to keep your cooling unit operating efficiently for a longer time, finding other ways to warm your home is a wise move.

Take time to analyse your home and find spots where the cool air can leak. Use draft proofing to cover the holes. You can also check out little devices called window seals and draft excluders to add more insulation to your home.

These things can be cheap and tidy work, but they can surely help your air conditioner to keep your home warm and comfortable during winter. So, Daikin or not, that’s how you can prepare your air conditioning unit for the coming winter.

Do you need professional help or advice? Call us! We’re here to help you.