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Can Your Ducted Air Conditioning System Cope This Summer? | Part 1

When the summer’s hot temperature spikes up, you’ll most likely rely on your air conditioner for help.


But the question is, can your ducted air conditioning system cope this summer?

When was the last time you’ve had your unit professionally serviced?

Will it still be able to effectively cool your home?


Here, we’ll show you how doing these simple things can help your cooling system keep you comfortable this summer. We’ll also share the signs you need to to check to know if it’s time to replace your unit. Keep reading and learn more below.

Can Your Ducted Air Conditioning System Cope This Summer? | Part 1

Things that will help your ducted air conditioning system cope this summer


To ensure you can rely on your ducted air conditioning system this summer, do these following things to your cooling system.


Clean the air filters regularly

Once the air filter of an air conditioning system is filled with dust, debris, and other pollutants, its performance will slow down and eventually spread harmful particles that are bad for your health.

A clogged air filter is like a clogged nose. As a result, it’ll have a hard time sucking out the hot air in your home and blowing the cold air inside. Therefore, cleaning the air filters of your air conditioning system regularly is a must.

If ever the air filters are damaged, immediately call a professional air conditioning technician to replace it. This way, you can ensure that your cooling system will be effective in keeping your home cool this summer.


Protect the outdoor unit from the sun

The outdoor unit of your air conditioning unit is commonly installed in a shaded area to avoid it from the direct sunlight. This unit is already emitting heat from itself while operating. Direct heat from the sun will add up to the heat and may cause early damage to the unit.

So, if your outdoor unit is not installed under a shade, make sure to make a way to give it some shade. This will help your outdoor unit to work 10% more efficiently when under a shade.


Ventilate the roof

Did you know that 25 to 35% of heat in homes comes from the roof? This adds up to the workload of your ducted air conditioning system.

Help your cooling system cope up this summer by installing a ventilation system in your roof. This way you can reduce the heat build-up in your house and make your air conditioning unit run more efficiently.


Use the ideal temperature

Using the ideal temperature of air conditioning systems during summer can also help your system cope up this summer. During summer, experts advise putting your air conditioning system between 22-24 degrees.

It’s really tempting to lower the temperature more, but doing so may overwork your unit and cause early wear and tear. Thus, the lower degree you put your cooling system in this season will most likely show up to your energy bill.


Draw your curtains and close the doors

Closing your windows, doors, and curtain can greatly help in blocking out the sun’s heat from getting inside your home. This way, you can prevent the heat inside your home from rising. As a result, your cooling system’s workload is reduced and it can cool your home effectively this summer.


Turn on the air conditioner early

Most people think that they need to wait until midday before switching on their air conditioners. But, in reality, if you do this, your unit will need to pump hard to battle against the rising hot temperature.

So, to help your air conditioning system cope this summer, we recommend switching it on first thing in the morning.

This way, it can establish a comfortable temperature even before the sun’s heat rises in midday. It won’t have to work hard just to cool your home. It’ll just need to sustain the cool temperature it had started in the morning.


Get a professional service

The last, but not the least, you can do to help your ducted air conditioning system in ClontarfBalmoralBribie IslandBulimbaGreen SlopesHawthorneMorningside, Noosa, North BrisbaneNorth LakesRedcliffeSouth Brisbane, and North Lakes cope up this summers is, to get it professionally serviced.

A professional air conditioning technician can clean, repair, maintain your unit and ensure it’s in top working condition. A regularly maintained cooling system is proven to work more efficient compared to other units that are not serviced.

So, call your local air conditioning technician and let them make your ducted air conditioning system cope up this summer.




Watch out for our part 2 of this blog! We’ll share with you the signs that indicate it’s time to replace your ducted air conditioning system. With that, you can ensure you’ll have a reliable cooling unit at your home when the summer’s heat strikes.