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Are you ready for Summer Brisbane?

Are you ready for Summer Brisbane?

With the heat expected to increase with the coming years in Brisbane, it may be very difficult to live here within the next year; unless you find a cost-efficient solution to this growing heat temperature problem.

In a report published by ABC.NET.AU, Shelley Lloyd shared that an alarming report has found temperature increases from climate change and urban growth will make Brisbane “a difficult place to live” within the next 30 years, and more people will be at risk of dying from extreme heat.

This means hot days and nights will double when it reaches 2050. Thus, people will be avoiding outdoor activities just to remain cool during the summer season.

We all know that this is not cliche, as we have already experienced a temperature increase in Brisbane over the past summer season. But the next big question is, how do we combat this problem?


Using Smart Air Conditioning System to Combat Extreme Temperature Changes

Technology has a solution for those who wish to prepare in advance for these extreme temperature changes. One of which is the use of smart air conditioning systems as it has been designed to deliver the following advantages:



Set a 7-day schedule so it will automatically adjust the temperature according to your lifestyle.



Experience maximum comfort as it pre-rooms your home or office before you arrive. It can even adjust to your sleep pattern so a sudden change of temperature will not disrupt your sleep.


Cost Savings

Avoid overcooling your home and increased billing costs due to forgetting turning your AC off because its built-in motion sensors are equipped to sense if no one is inside the room. This automatically alerts you via your smartphone while it turns it off.


Why Choose MyAir 5 as Your Smart Air Conditioning System of Choice

MyAir Series 5 is one, if not the best cost-efficient solution for your cooling and heating needs. Let it control the airflow and temperature of any zone in your home with just a touch of a button. Moreover, experience the following benefits it can deliver to your home and offices:

MyAir Series 5 brags of the following features:

  • 8-inch touchscreen control panel
  • full wireless remote control system via your smartphone
  • Patented Exact Air Regulator for unrivalled control over airflow
  • Motion sensor options
  • Outside air system option
  • Compatible with all major brands and independent temperature control systems

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