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Are You Bothered By The Noise Of Your Air Conditioner?

When it comes to air conditioners, comfort and cost are the things that immediately come into our minds. But, do you know that there is another factor we should consider?


So, are you bothered by the noise of your air conditioner?  Read some of our tips on how this can be avoided.

Are You Bothered By The Noise Of Your Air Conditioner?

Read the specifications carefully

Trying an air conditioner before actually purchasing it is impossible. So, how do you know if its noisy or not? Read the specifications.

The noise level of an air conditioner is measured in decibels. Usually, this information is always included in the product’s specification. You shall see two numbers that indicate the noise level that the unit makes when inside a home, and the other one is for the exterior noise.

If you don’t or can’t see it, make sure to inquire with the dealer.

To give you an example, 20 dB is close to hearing a whisper, while a 40 dB is like the ambient noise in a park or residential place. Therefore, when talking about the interior noise of an air conditioning unit, depending on its capacity, 35 dB is a reasonable interior noise for a split type system.

Now, for the exterior noise, it shouldn’t be higher than 5 dB. It shall not be louder than the typical ambient noise in the area. Therefore, the quieter the unit’s exterior noise, the better.


Take note of strange sounds

If you have an air conditioner for quite a while now, then you’re already accustomed to its noise while working. However, if you hear strange or different sounds; then you should be alert.

Below are some of the sounds you’d want to take note of that may indicate there is a problem with your unit. Should you hear any of these, call an air conditioning specialist immediately.



You need to be concerned if this is the sound you hear from your unit. This means that there’s a serious problem with it. The dual-shaft motor or an essential bearing might be breaking down, which is something you shouldn’t ignore.



Hearing this sound can either mean a minor or a major issue. A minor issue can be an air return leak, while a major issue can be a leak in the unit’s refrigerant. So, definitely, you should be bothered and call an air conditioning specialist if you notice this from your unit.



If the humming noise from your unit gets louder than usual, then the dust and debris may have already build-up inside. But, if it has become strangely too loud, it may indicate that the capacitor of your unit is now failing, which is a serious problem that needs immediate attention.



Should you hear a rattling sound from your air conditioning unit, you should stop it and call a specialist. This means that the fan rotor has loosened.



A squeaking noise is less of a worry than the other noise. It can only mean that your air conditioning unit needs cleaning or lubrication.


Consider the installation of the unit

Carefully considering where your air conditioning unit will be installed will have a good pay off, especially for your outdoors. Typically, there are guidelines of acceptable noise of air conditioning units in local residential areas.

So, you won’t need approval from your local area’s Council for the placement of your unit. However, if you’re in strata-managed units, make sure to talk to property management to check the by-laws first before installation.


Invest in new air conditioning units

When it comes to the noise of an air conditioning unit, both inside and outside, it largely depends on the following:

  • Age
  • Model
  • Make of the unit

These things may be hard to spot when you’re shopping for an air conditioner. Thankfully, Daikin placed a big effort in making quieter air conditioning units. Their cooling units now include aerodynamic fan blades, air grilles, and the latest compressor technology to provide a more efficient air conditioning experience at a quieter operation.

So, if you want a better cooling experience with an almost whisper-like noise, then it’s time for you to check Daikin’s Quiet Operation function in their air conditioning systems. Call us now. We’ll be glad to help you get the best deal of cooling systems for your home.


Keep a regular servicing schedule

To prevent your air conditioning unit from having the problems mentioned above, you need to keep to a regular servicing schedule. This way, your air conditioning specialist will be able to spot and fix any problem before it gets worse.

Do you hear any of these noises from your air conditioner?

Need some advice to improve your cooling system?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Wahoo Air Conditioning today. We’re an authorised dealer of Daikin air conditioners. Check out our website and see more of what we can do for you.