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3 Types of Air Conditioners For Townhouses in QLD (Part 2)

We discussed one of the three types of air conditioners which are ideal for townhouses in the previous blog. A split type air conditioner has a lot of benefits but not all types of house layout can benefit from it.

3 Types of Air Conditioners For Townhouses in QLD (Part 2)

If a split type of air conditioning system is not the right type of air conditioner, then we’ll share you two more options in this blog. Let’s start with a multi-split air conditioner.


What is a multi-split type air conditioner?

A multi-split air conditioner is similar to a split air conditioner. It also has an indoor and outdoor component. The only difference is that a multi-split type has a single outdoor component connected to several indoor units. This means that you will only need a place for one outdoor unit when you need ACs for different rooms.


Why is a multi-split type air conditioner fit for a townhouse?

A multi-split type AC has a single outdoor component which means less space requirement. It also consumes less energy, which makes it more energy-efficient, compared to other types of air conditioners. They produce lesser noise compared to what you may experience from other AC systems. However, the indoor component’s noise varies from one brand to another. So, if you want a not so noisy air conditioner, it is best to choose the modern models of aircon, particularly DAIKIN.


What’s the downside of multi-split type AC for townhouses?

One downside of a multi-split type air conditioner is that the indoor component occupies quite some space. The indoor component may not fit in small rooms.


What is a ducted type air conditioner?

A ducted type air conditioner has a single outdoor component, much like a multi-split. However, the indoor parts aren’t rectangular components but air ducts.

The outdoor component of a ducted air conditioner is often placed on the roof of the house and the ductworks are located inside the ceiling. Thus, the cool and warm air (when a reverse cycle is used) will be distributed in the rooms from holes or slits on the ceiling.


Why is a ducted type air conditioner fit for a townhouse?

Ducted type air conditioners work similarly to the multi-split type. Therefore, it is also applicable to any spot in a townhouse. Moreover, you will not have to worry about finding a place for the outdoor unit. Since it is typically placed on the roof, the space requirement wouldn’t be a problem.

Noise level for ducted air conditioners is significantly low. This makes it perfect if you have nearby neighbours who wouldn’t want to be disturbed because the air ducts produce almost inaudible sound.


What’s the downside of ducted type AC for townhouses?

Despite the many conveniences of a ducted type air conditioner, it also has some disadvantages. For instance, a ducted air conditioner can be costly. It is the most expensive of the three options. The installation is also critical and costly. Lastly, it requires a space in the ceiling for the air ducts and may not be suitable for all interior layouts.

However, the benefits it delivers outlasts the disadvantages. Just look at a boutique apartment where we have installed ducted AC units.


Boutique Apartments at Highgate Hill


These are the three types of air conditioner which are perfect for townhouses. Each one has its benefits and disadvantages. You should consider which among the three will be the most suitable based on your property’s requirements.

Should you need a reliable HVAC contractor to install air conditioners for your townhouse? Talk to us today.