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3 Benefits of Cleaning Your Aircon in Spring

Are you ready for Spring Brisbane? You might be, but is your AC ready to keep you cool?

Read why it is important to get your airconditioning units in Clontarf, Balmoral, Bribie Island, Bulimba, Green Slopes, Hawthorne, Morningside, Noosa, North Brisbane, North Lakes, Redcliffe, South Brisbane, and North Lakes cleaned in spring. 

3 Benefits of Cleaning Your Aircon in Spring

Spring can be both sunny and windy. This brings dust and dirt build-up inside and outside your air conditioning unit. For this reason, it is important to get it cleaned. Otherwise, this may result in reduced efficiency of your unit and more.

Why should you get it cleaned? Here are additional reasons:


Improves indoor air quality

A clean airconditioning unit provides better air quality to your home. A clean filter ensures there is no dirt and pollutants mixed with the air blown by your AC unit. This keeps you safe from:

  1. Lungs and respiratory tract problems such as the runny nose, blocked nose, coughing, sore throat, sneezing.
  2. Virus and bacteria reactions such as fever, chills, headaches, muscular ache, nausea and vomiting. Diseases include influenza, bronchitis and Legionnaire’s Disease (see Hazard page on Legionnaire’s Disease).
  3. Allergic reactions such as the itchy nose, watering eyes, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughs. Illnesses include sinusitis, asthma and humidifier fever.

For additional info, you may visit OHSRep’s website.


Better cooling efficiency

When your AC is clean, there will be nothing to block the air that is produced by your unit. This results in better cooling capacity.

So if you want your room to cool better and longer, call a reliable technician to check and clean it for you.


Lower electricity bill

If your air conditioning filter is blocked, it will work double-time just to get the temperature you’ve set for it to reach? When this happens, your unit will consume more energy to sustain its work. This results in a higher energy bill.

So if you wish to cost-effectively cool your home, it is important to ensure that it is unclogged.


Longer lifespan

Regular care and maintenance is a must to ensure that your aircon can have a longer lifespan. If your AC is not cleaned and well maintained, it will be clogged with dirt. Because of that, your air conditioner will have to work harder and may breakdown easily.

Avoid this from happening by hiring an expert to properly clean and maintain your unit in ClontarfBalmoralBribie IslandBulimbaGreen SlopesHawthorneMorningside, Noosa, North BrisbaneNorth LakesRedcliffeSouth Brisbane, and North Lakes.

Let’s talk. 


Daily habits to keep your AC clean

Contribute to the cleanliness of your AC unit by developing these habits:


Shut it off

When not needed, shut it off. Enjoy the wonderful spring temperature and use it only when needed.


Make it clutter-free

Say goodbye to clutters. Remove anything that may block the airflow of your aircon. This includes small clutters like pieces of papers, leaves, and other trash that can be sucked by the outdoor unit.


Wipe off the dust

Dust can accumulate every day on the surface of your unit and can be sniffed by the AC. So wiping off the dust on a regular basis can help in keeping your unit clean longer.


Need an expert to help maintain your AC?

Wahoo Air Conditioning has expert technicians to clean and maintain your air conditioners. Our technicians have undergone intensive training to ensure that they can well deliver our various AC services in Brisbane.

Should you need help in keeping your AC clean and ready for summer, we can help you. You can call us on 07 3889 4508. You may also send us a message by filling out our online form today.